Rewards Point System

Shopping Has Its Rewards - Website Only

We are pleased to introduce a Rewards Points system to our website.  Thie more you shop the more freebies you get !  You recieve 1 Point for every Size and Color you purchase, which equals to a potential 2 Points per product purchased.  With time this area will grow larger as the Website expands into new products and we will be able to offer more Freebies !

How Do I Redeem My Points?

Beside each product you will see the number of points needed to purchase the product with points. When you purchase a product you will have an option to use your points.  If you do not have enough points to purchase a product, you can use how many points you have to recieve a discount on the product instead or you can just save your points to receive the product for free !

Can i use my points in Store?

No, all points earned are for the on-line store only.  We have special offers in the store on an on-going basis.

Will my points expire?

No, whatever points you have are yours, you can save them or spend them as you wish.  They will not expire.