Website set to Call in, ETransfer, Paypal or Money Order

Posted by admin 30/08/2017 0 Comment(s)

After last weeks " Security Breach " we have moved the website to " Phone In and Money Order Payments "  We have also dumped Paypal as our card processor.  Fortuantly no sensitive information was lost, but the website was screwed up..


If you wish to place an order please contact us by Phone @ 613-237-1669 and we will gladly accept payments with Visa, MC and Amex over the phone.  OR. You can send us a Money Order for the order as well.  


​We also accept ETransfers or payments with Paypal.  Please use our email address.


The website will be set to this option until we change things up again. 


Please Visit our Facebook page for furthur updates and information. 


Thank you for your patetnce and understanding. 


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